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April 1, 2017

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October 22, 2017

As I pack for my trip to Thailand, I’ve been going back and forth about actually taking this trip (my dream trip) that I’ve had planned since March. On October 20th as I drove to my last workshop as a Senior Accreditation Specialist, it hit me that it was my last day of my 9-5 job and the end of a chapter of my life. 


So I guess you’re wondering what made me pull the trigger? Honestly it was my Mom and Sister who encouraged me to do what was best, and told me that they would support me no matter what I chose. So, on October 5th during a break at our organization’s board meeting I pulled my boss to the side and told her “we need to talk” I sat down with her and told her that I was submitting an informal 2 week notice.” After a long talk and me being very vulnerable my boss agreed that it was the best decision for me and that she admired the courage I had to make such a huge decision that would affect me mentally and financially. 


The two weeks leading up to my last day was filled with stress, sadness, uncertainty and high anxiety. I had a ton of responsibilities with no income (I managed to save a decent amount but savings don’t last forever) to support myself, all while completing my assignments for work and squeezing in doctor appointments before I left for Thailand being that my insurance would terminate at the end of the month. I made it through my two weeks with enough energy left to pack for Thailand.


I’ll be using this trip as a vacation and as an opportunity to hone in on my culinary skills so that I can relaunch Cooking With Sam Rae (CWSR)! I will be taking at least one cooking class throughout my stay and venturing out to the markets to learn more about Thai cuisine. The hope is that I will create a Jamaican/Thai fusion dish to align with my relaunch. I will be recording everything so that everyone can join me on my dream trip.


Before I end, I wanted to share three pearls of wisdom that I am invoking to help maintain my sanity as I transition to this next phase of my life: 



1) Remember Your “Why” 

Your mind will constantly make you doubt and/or question yourself. You’ll wonder if you’ve made the right decision, if doing something unique and not bound by societal demands really makes sense. You’ll have thoughts of fear and regret. Ignore them! Make a conscious effort to replace those thoughts with your “why” the reason behind your decision. 



2) Develop A Plan

Chasing your dream is fun, but it isn’t difficult to get distracted and go off course. Developing a plan helps you to maintain your work ethic, reminds you of your “why”, and helps you to accomplish your goals in a timely manner. You should also incorporate free time into your plan. Taking time to debrief and take a break is pivotal to productivity and success. 


As I read about the experiences of others, I stumbled upon this book—Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, which discusses developing routines specifically designed to maximize productivity. I plan to read this on the plane and throughout my trip. 


3) Keep A Journal

Lastly, be sure to write about your experience throughout this new phase of your life. It’s worthwhile to see the growth through the struggles you’ve endured, the life lessons you’ve learned along the way and the impactful events that have helped to craft your story. 


Final Thoughts

I am not sure what will be next for me, but for now I am dedicating my time to working on my dissertation (I should be done at the end of 2018) and enhancing my culinary skills so that I can take CWSR to a new level. I am excited to cook again and to share my experiences in Thailand by creating new food options for the menu. Thank you for reading, be sure to comment below!  


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