Fitness Meal Prep Services 

Fit Prep 

ODF Meap Prep available in Metro Detroit, Dallas/Ft.Worth and coming soon to Atlanta and Los Angeles. Meal prep services  includes a trainer consultation to gauge what your meal prep should consist of based on your health and fitness goals.  Through the consultation you will be able to provide your preferences, health related adjustments (pregnancy/nursing, allergies, medications, and health conditions), including things you simply that you do not like. The initial consultation must be completed a week before your desired prep start period. The consultation link will be provided on the listed city pages, along with prep packages and cost. 

Once your consultation has been reviewed, you will be contacted by the trainer with details regarding your meal prep. You will receive the break down of your order (#of meals, selected tier upgrades, etc), payment link/details, payment due date, and additional advice regarding ways to obtain your goals. Payments must be made two days prior to the prep day for your location (e.g. In Metro Detroit payments are due on Fridays and prepping is completed on Sundays.)

Fit Prep Partner 


Cooking With Sam Rae has partnered with Onjila Denise owner and founder of ODF, who is also a certified fitness trainer. Cooking With Sam Rae works directly with ODF to ensure each client is receiving meals that will contribute to their health and fitness goals. Below is the link to ODF's official website. 

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